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Maintenance of marble bay window

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Because the main component of marble is calcium carbonate, it is easy to chemically react with acid and alkali, causing white salt flowers to appear in many crevices, thereby destroying aesthetics. In this case, it is generally stone cutting saw for sale caused by improper waterproofing of the surrounding and bottom layers of the marble. If efflorescence has occurred, it can be treated with a stone cleaning agent used granite cutting machine for sale according to the degree of severity. After treatment, it must be fully stone wire saw dried to avoid efflorescence again.


We will find that the surface cnc stone cutting is very shiny when it is just scrubbed, but it is a little black after it has dried. When this happens, most people choose to wax the marble window sill. In particular, wax should not be used. The industrial marble cutting machine wax on the market can block the pores on the marble surface and easily combine with dust to form a wax scale. In addition, the wax contains ammonia, which is patthar cutting machine harmful to the human body and the environment.

The surface of the marble is smooth laser cut marble because it has been polished, so scratches on the marble are easily found, which affects the appearance. Therefore, avoid being scratched by hard objects during daily use. In addition, this kind of material is easy to penetrate, so try not to put flower pots on it. Obvious color blocks gemstone cutting machine price are easy to appear, and it is difficult to remove, which affects the appearance.