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Do you know several factors that may cause corrosion damage to stone?

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Stone is currently one of the relatively high-end materials in the field of decoration and decoration. The pure natural texture and various surface treatment effects can increase the decoration and decoration effects of indoor and outdoor to several levels. At the same time, compared with other decorative materials that are difficult to clean up with stains and easily shattered when hit by heavy objects, the stone is obviously much more solid. Not only is the structure hard, but it can also resist heavy impacts, and the surface is smooth, and it can resist general dirt. It can be described as a kind of decoration material with high-cost performance.

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In the eyes of the public, water is the source of life, but for stone people, to a certain extent, water is the "source of all evil". Because water is the most difficult substance in life, bridge cutter this also causes various stone products to be relatively susceptible to water erosion in many details, which in turn causes various problems. The culprit of various common phenomena is often water. Water will transport the chemical properties and salts of oxidizing or reducing minerals into the stone, and will also bring various modern industrial pollutants into it, thereby accelerating the erosion and destruction of the stone, or causing the loss of calcium marble cutting machien carbonate and other components to make the stone lose Gloss, or cause the formation of gel inside the stone to produce water spots, or cause the internal calcium components to be brought to the surface of the stone, forming a whitening phenomenon, or cause the iron in the stone to rust and form rust spots.

2.Acid rain

From ancient China to ancient Babylon in Mesopotamia, to ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, and ancient slab mahcineRome along the Mediterranean Sea, a large number of stone imprints have been left on the long journey of human beings from wild to civilization. For this reason, there are many great stone buildings and carvings around the world that have been preserved to this day. However, the details of infrared bridgr cutter most of the relics have been soiled and blurred, and the culprit is acid rain.


3.Industrial smog

Smoke is a mixture of moisture, dust, and various chemical fuels. Soot, like a sponge, absorbs various gases and forms an acidic solution when mixed with water. Severe industrial pollution, automobile exhaust emissions, and blocked atmospheric circulation are the main reasons for the formation of industrial smog. Smoke is not only harmful to organisms but also defaces and corrodes stone buildings and decorative stones.