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Diamond beaded wire saw cutting method

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The so-called diamond bead wire saw cutting method uses the principle that the hardness of a diamond is greater than that of granite. It uses a drive motor to drive the diamond bead rope to move in a closed-loop, and make the diamond granite rope cutting machine particles directly cut the granite, so as to reach the mine embankment. The effect of used marble cutting machine separating large blocks of stone.

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However, it should be noted that the stone blocks obtained by the diamond bead wire sawing method cannot actually meet the standard requirements of the block specifications. Therefore, after the blocks are separated, the portable granite cutting machine operator needs to further saw and repair the blocks. Edge, shaping, so that the blocks meet the actual needs of transportation and production. In addition, in the process of using the diamond bead wire saw sawing method, the operator needs to continuously inject an appropriate amount of cooling water into the saw gap to prevent the diamond particles from being worn out due to excessive temperature, and the flowing water can waterjet marble cutting be taken away. Stone dust produced during sawing.

At present, the diamond bead wire saw cutting method is widely used by domestic large and medium-sized mining enterprises in the mining of granite mines. First, this is because the method has good sawing adaptability to different types of stone and can be highly efficient. Sawing granite; secondly, because this method can prevent mining activities from destroying the main body of the mine, reduce the waste rate of stone resources, and increase the yield of blocks; thirdly, this method is very suitable for various mines with different quality, It can be sawed vertically or horizontally, and the mining is not multi wire saw machine for granite restricted by space. Forth, the blocks cut by this method are often larger in size. However, this method is not without shortcomings. At present, the mining cost of the diamond bead wire sawing method is relatively high, and the vulnerable parts are more expensive. It also places higher requirements on the professional skills of the granite cutter machine price operators. Therefore, The use of this method in domestic granite mines is just the beginning.