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As a very common decorative material, how to maintain stone

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1. Avoid flushing directly with water

The texture of the laser cutting machine price in india stone is similar to wood. It is a porous material that easily absorbs water or is contaminated by water intrusion, which can marble cutter price cause stone disease, causing troublesome problems such as weathering, yellowing, white blooming, water spots, fogging, and shedding. Therefore, Avoid marble cutting machine for sale washing the stone surface with water.

2. Avoid contact with acid-alkaline items or cleaning agents

Acidic items will corrode the surface of the stone, decompose the calcium carbonate in the marble, and alkaline items will erode granite, feldspar, and other stone materials, causing crystal peeling. Therefore, all stone materials marble polish machine price should avoid contact with non-neutral objects.

3. Don't wax stone at will

Waxing the stone will block the pores of the stone, causing the stone to be unable to "breathe" freely, and it is easy to be granite slab cutting machine stained with dust, forming wax dirt, and causing yellowing on the surface of the stone. If waxing is necessary, you must ask a professional maintenance company for operation instructions.

4. Avoid long-term covering of blankets on the surface of the stone

If blankets or debris are placed on the surface of the stone for a long time, it will affect the "breathing" of the stone. The bosch marble cutting machine moisture bridge cutting machine inside the stone cannot be volatilized in time, which will cause the stone to have high water content and cause disease.

5. Clean up the dirt on the stone in time

If the stone is contaminated by oil, tea, coffee, sauce, etc., it will easily penetrate into the stone and form stains. Therefore, try to place stains on the stone as much as possible. If it is accidentally contaminated, it should marble block cutting machine be cleaned up with a quality-guaranteed professional stone protective agent in time.