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The most design stone building in 2020, full of creativity

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KAAN Architecten was commissioned by the Dutch War Grave Foundation (Oorlogsgravenstichting) to design a multifunctional building in Loenen near Apeldoorn to commemorate the victims of the Netherlands during World War II and the recent international conflict. The marble building is harmoniously integrated with polishing machine the surrounding forest and is a layering and connecting element between the existing Loenen National War Cemetery and granite the new National Veterans Cemetery.




This park-like plot contains a series of single-story, freely arranged spaces. The various structures are fixed together by continuous roof edges, thus forming a transition with the undulating roof landscape. These volumes draw inspiration and height curbstone cutting machine line from the block cutter natural contours of the area and blend harmoniously into the verdant environment. This basically tortuous shape obscures the bridge cutter actual size of the house, and its bulges and depressions allow it to blend with the surrounding green landscape.


Optics Valley

The Global Duty Free Shop is Korea's first and largest high-end department store founded in the 1970s, and has remained at the forefront of the Korean high-end retail market ever since. The store in Shinseong Optics Valley south of Seoul is the sixth flaming machine branch of the Global Duty Free Store. The Global Duty Free Shop is located in this young urban development center, surrounded by tall residential towers. Its stone-like appearance makes it a natural center of public life in Guangjing City.