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Comprehensive nursing knowledge of bathroom natural stone

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Bathroom decoration can be simple or luxurious, but for large-sized rooms, it is obvious that the latter is definitely a better decoration design than the former. Living in reinforced concrete, we are busy every day. However, if you can take a good bath at home, it will granite not only relieve stress, but will also benefit your health. Use soft furnishings to create a bathroom atmosphere. Using soft furnishings in the bathroom can enhance the artistic atmosphere of the bathroom.


To clean the floor of the bathroom stone, you can follow the steps below:

1. Thoroughly sweep the entire ground.

2. Dilute the cleaning agent in a certain proportion.

3. Use a stone cutter clean cloth to apply block cutter the diluted cleaning agent to the surface of the stone.

4. The cleaning agent diluent should be replaced after every 28 square meters of stone is cleaned.

5. After the stone surface is dry, scrub the remaining cleaning solution with water.

In general, the general cleaning agent should stay on the stone surface for at least five minutes, so that it can kill the mold on the stone surface. Wipe the stone surface on the horizontal or flaming machine vertical surface with a soft cloth. Make sure that the stone surface is clean. Do a small area test before cleaning a large area.


In addition, all bathroom stone materials must be surface treated with a suitable permeability protective agent, which will help reduce the adhesion rate, thereby effectively preventing the bridge cutter growth of bacteria and mildew, and it is also effective on the surface of cement mortar after protection. Since the penetrating protective agent can protect the stone in the room, experts suggest that a penetrating polishing agent can be used after the protection to protect the surface of the stone.