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Stone cleaning, how to wash it

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1. Push the dust

For the ground that is only polluted by floating dust, use a dust pusher to remove the dust. If it is washed with water, it will bring dust into the bridge cutting machine granite pores of the stone, causing the stone to become dirty as it is washed. For example, even if the glass is dirty, it must be wiped with a dry cloth. Even if it is washed with water, it must be wiped with a dry cloth or glass at the end to be clean. It is not recommended to clean the dust on the surface of the stone with water as a last resort. Do not use water for the problems that can be solved multi blade cutting machine by dust push!

2. Auxiliary cleaning with a high-power water-absorbing vacuum cleaner

I believe that everyone is already using this method. The reason for using a high-power suction vacuum cleaner is to reduce the time that water stays on the stone and minimize the intrusion of fine particles on the surface of the stone or in the air due quarry stone block cutting machine to the infiltration of water. The purpose of cleaning is to dissolve pollutants and then take them away. I believe there is nothing more thorough than a high-power suction vacuum cleaner to take away sewage! The high-power suction granite block cutter vacuum cleaner can remove more than 95% of sewage.

3. Heating and cleaning with electrolyzed water

I believe you should have heard of electrolyzed water, and there are electrolyzed water machines currently on the market. Through the water electrolyzer, on the one hand, the various ions in the water are processed, the original oxidation in the water is reduced, and the chemical reaction with the stone minerals is reduced; on the other hand, the water can be heated. An important advantage of warm water cleaning is that it can speed up the dissolution and decomposition of pollutants (high temperature and fast molecular movement), and complete the cleaning work in the shortest time. It is also to avoid the intrusion granite block cutting machine price of water-carrying pollutants.

4. Chemical cleaning

For stubborn stains, water can no longer be cleaned, and professional stone cleaning products are needed. Cleaning stains is nothing more than two steps: decomposition of stains and rinsing of stains. Professional stone cleaning can decompose the stains on the stone surface without reacting with the stone minerals. Then use a lot of clean hydraulic block cutter water (or electrolyzed water) to wash, that is, the cleaning agent is diluted, and the pollutants can be washed away. Of course, as long as the water is used, it is recommended to use a high-power suction vacuum cleaner.