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Penetration reinforcement of the surface of the sheet

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There are many micro-cracks on the surface of some stone, and some micro-cracks even go deep into the board. Although it has been reinforced, its strength still cannot meet the requirements of grinding and polishing or the requirements of the finished board. At this time, the surface must be selected for penetration granite machine for sale reinforcement treatment. The frontal penetration reinforcement process includes penetrating the highly penetrating cnc stone cutting epoxy resin AB glue into the gaps on the surface of the board, drying it, and then grinding and polishing.

Surface penetration reinforcement epoxy resin AB glue is used as an example of high-strength penetrating glue. The solidification temperature of this glue is also 25℃, the minimum curing temperature is 10-15℃, and the curing time at room granite block cutting machine temperature takes 4-6 hours. In the stone production line equipped with automatic repair and drying units, all drying equipment adopts a flat-plate horizontal drying furnace or vertical drying furnace, and high-temperature curing treatment is carried out on the plate marble cutting saw after the surface penetration and strengthening to accelerate the complete curing of the glue.

For some simple stone production lines with low output requirements, natural curing at room temperature can be used, but it is best to proceed to used granite bridge saw for sale the next process after curing for 24 hours.

Because of the wide variety of stone, different color depths, and surface penetration and reinforcement treatments are all carried out on the surface of the board, when selecting the high-strength penetrating glue used for the cnc marble cutting machine surface penetration treatment of the board, it must be considered that its color is the same as the color of the board, or can be reasonably matched, There should be no traces of high-strength penetrating glue after reinforcement treatment. Here is to color the high-strength penetrating glue. The color paste selected at this time is preferably epoxy color granite stone cutting machine price in india paste or color paste, so as not to affect the granite stone cutting machine curing and performance of the glue.