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Yellowing and cleaning of white stone

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It is recommended to prevent the yellowing of white stone. Because if yellowing has already occurred, it is very difficult to clean, and it is really difficult to guarantee complete removal.

However, according to the previous bridge cutting machine granite introduction, we can first judge the different causes and then take targeted measures.

1. Removal of yellowing of rust

Small areas of rust yellow can be treated with "marble rust remover + stone pigment remover".

Step 1: Spray a mixture of "marble rust remover" and "stone pigment remover" onto the contaminated surface. More rust remover multi blade granite cutting machine and less multi blade cutting machine pigment remover.

Step 2: Apply clean cotton yarn and paper towels, and then cover with plastic film.

Step 3: Remove the quarry stone block cutting machine covering for more than 4 hours.

Step 4: After washing with a lot of clean water, drain it with a high-power pump.

Step 5: Depending on the removal effect, repeat the above steps. Until the yellowing is removed.

Step 6: After the stone is dry, use a "penetrating protective agent" for strict protection. The construction standards are sufficient, uniform, and health preservation for more than 24 hours.

[Note] If it is a large granite block cutter area of rust yellow, it can be directly removed by grinding. Then use "penetrating protective agent" to do the strict protective treatment.

2. Organic matter and pigment pollution

Refer to the above steps, use "stone pigment remover" for cleaning, and use "penetrating stone protective agent" for strict granite block cutting machine price protection.

3. Glue oil, oil pollution

Refer to the above steps, use "stone degreasing agent", "stone hydraulic block cutter pigment remover" and "stone penetrating protective stone block cutter agent" for treatment.