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Piston pump manufacturers common fault treatment

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5. Vibration and noise

Vibration and noise occur at the same time. They not only endanger the operators of the machine but also pollute the environment.

(1) Mechanical vibration and noise

If the pump shaft and the motor shaft are not centered or have a dead angle, the shaft bearings and couplings are damaged, the elastic pads are damaged, and the assembly bolts are loosened, which will cause noise. For special agricultural motors that run at high speeds or transmit large energy, check regularly and record the amplitude, frequency, and noise of each component. If the rotation frequency of the pump is the same as the natural frequency of the pressure valve, resonance can be caused to change the speed of the pump to eliminate resonance.

(2) Noise generated by the liquid flow in the pipeline

The oil delivery pipe is too small, the capacity of the inflow to block the oil filter is too small, the intake inlet pipe, the exhaust oil is too high, too low, the oil suction pipe is too low, and the noise generated by the high pressure generated by the liquid moisture permeability. Therefore, the fuel tank must be designed correctly, and the oil filter, oil pipe, and directional valve must be correctly selected.

6. The hydraulic pump is overheated

There are two reasons for the excessive heating of the variable plunger pump, one is the heat generated by mechanical friction. Since the moving surface is in a state of dry or semi-dry friction, the moving parts are in a state of friction and heat. The second is the heat generated by liquid friction. High-pressure oil leaks into the low-pressure chamber through various cracks and a large amount of hydraulic energy is lost to heat energy. Therefore, the clearance of the moving parts, the volume of the oil tank, and the clearance of the cooler are correctly selected, and the phenomenon of overheating of the pump and excessive oil temperature is avoided. In addition, the clogging of the oil return filter will cause the oil return back pressure to be too high, which will also cause the oil temperature to be too high and the pump body to be overworked.

7. Oil spill

Piston pump oil mainly has the following reasons:

(1) The main shaft oil seal is damaged or the shaft is defective or scratched;

(2) The internal leakage is too large, causing the pressure at the oil seal to increase, and the oil seal is damaged or flushed out;

(3) The oil drain pipe is too thin and too long, causing oil leakage at the seal;

(4) The external oil pipe of the pump is loose, the pipe joint is damaged, the gasket is aged or cracked;

(5) The bolts of the variable adjustment mechanism are loose and the seal is damaged;

(6) The cast iron pump casing has blisters or poor welding.