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How to use ceramic plunger pump

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(1) Preparations before starting: check the tightness of each component; check the oil level of the oil tank, the oil level is subject to the engraved line on the oil window of the oil tank, use N46 hydraulic oil in summer and N32 hydraulic oil in winter. High-pressure pumps and pumps above 140 use the same type of anti-wear hydraulic oil. Check the pressure gauge range, the pressure gauge of the hydraulic station should be 0-16MPa, and the pressure gauge on the air tank should have a range of 0-6MPa.

(2) Start: Turn on the cooling water; close, turn on the switch, jog the start button, check the rotation of the motor, it should be clockwise, and it must not be reversed. After the inspection is correct, restart the motor and the oil pump.

(3) Ceramic plunger pump operation adjustment:

1. Adjusting the overflow valve can adjust the oil pressure, that is, the mud pressure. The adjusted overflow valve should be backed with a lock nut, and the overflow valve does not need to be moved every time it is turned on and off. The oil pressure should not be higher than 12MPa. Note: The quantitative pump should be started at a low load. If the two pumps are used alternately, they can be stopped first and then started without adjusting the overflow valve;

2. Adjust the position of the two impact wheels on the carriage, and adjust the plunger stroke;

3. When the plunger and sealing ring are worn out and slurry leakage occurs, it is advisable to adjust the compression ring properly to ensure that there is no slurry leakage. When the compression ring is pressed to contact with the stuffing box and still leaks slurry, a gasket can be added to the upper end of the sealing ring. In order to ensure that the sealing ring and the plunger are concentric, the upper-end surface of the water pressure ring should be parallel to the upper-end surface of the stuffing box, and the unevenness shall not be greater than 0.5mm;

4. Adjustment when the variable pump is used with the filter press: When the plunger pump leaves the factory, the delivery pressure of the pump is set to 2.0MPa. If the required delivery pressure is lower than 2.0MPa, adjust the overflow counterclockwise to make the plunger The slurry pressure reaches the required value when the operation is the slowest.

(4) Shutdown

1. Press the stop button and the pump will stop.

2. Stop the cooling water.

3. Flush the valve box with water.