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Disadvantages of stone railings

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1. It takes up a lot of space. The columns of the stone railings and the handrails, especially the general column at the beginning and the large conversion column in the middle position, take up the space of the stairs.

2. Style restrictions. Stone railings are generally more suitable for European, American, French, and other styles when used indoors, but are not very suitable for modern, simple, and light luxury styles.

3. High cost. Due to the high cost of stone railings, our average consumers do not have much desire for consumption.

Looking at the decoration industry in one of our housing markets, why are there few choices of stone railings?

First, style restrictions. Our current decoration style mainly tends to be simple, modern, and light luxury style and stone railings are not very appropriate, at least in Sichuan where the concept of using stone is not very strong.

Second, the use is limited. The current housing prices are relatively high, and the area of houses is relatively limited, especially for high-rise and small villas, either without stairs or stairs, but the space for stairs is too small to be suitable for stone railings. Nowadays, stone railings are mostly used in large-sized villas or self-built villas. This type of villa has a large area, the shape and size of the stairs are relatively large, and the outdoor style is more European style, and the indoor style is more European style.

Third, price restrictions. The cost of stone railings is relatively high compared to the average owner, so it will be avoided when considering the overall budget. The stone used as stair railings or balcony roof railings is very beautiful and beautiful, and this will exist for a long time, but we have seen the use of less due to various reasons, but stone railings are still an important decoration element.