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Why does the stone cutting board collapse

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1. The saw blade does not match the stone

When the saw blade does not match the stone, it is easy to cause the stone to collapse when cutting the board. Sharp saw blade cutting boards with high diamond mesh and denser surface density should be used for some stone that is easy to collapse.

2. The new saw blade is not edged

The sharpness of the new saw blade is not high when the blade is not sharpened. In this case, cutting the board may cause the stone to collapse.

3. The saw blade is not sharp

As the use time of the saw blade increases, the sharpness of the saw blade decreases. If you do not use refractory bricks to sharpen the knife to improve the sharpness of the saw blade, continue to cut the board with an unsharp saw blade, which may cause the stone being cut to collapse.

4. The saw blade loses its teeth

If the saw blade is used to cut the board after the saw blade loses its teeth, the performance of the saw blade has been greatly reduced, which may lead to the chipping of the cut.

5. The blade of the saw blade is consumed

The saw blade is replaced in time after the blade is consumed, and can no longer be used, and the board cut by this kind of saw blade may collapse.