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Problems with stone protection

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1. There are problems in choosing protective agents

The physical and chemical properties of different stones are quite different, even the same stone will have different physical and chemical properties due to different origins. Therefore, the choice of the protective agent cannot be the same. When a protective agent is used to the end, the corresponding protective agent should be granite slab cutting machine selected according to the physical and chemical properties of the stone, or the stone model to be used as the protective agent should be provided to the protective agent manufacturer to prepare the corresponding protective agent. It may be more scientific and reasonable.

2. The quality of the protective agent is poor

The quality of the protective agent undoubtedly determines the ultimate effect and durability of stone protection. The disease in many domestic stone projects has a lot to do with the quality of the protective agent. Can those granite stone cutting machine protective agents formulated by themselves with water be believed to have a good protective effect? Is the quality of those protective agents worth tens of dollars and a big sandstone cutting machine bucket reliable?

3. There are problems in the construction process of the protective agent

If there is still a problem with the stone that has been protected regardless of the quality of the protective agent, it has a lot to do with the construction technology of the protection. At present, the most popular protection technology in China is "spray" operation, which has high protection efficiency, low consumption of protective agents, and low labor intensity of employees. The biggest disadvantage of this method of operation is that part of the protective agent drifts away with the air during the spraying of the protective agent. During the protection, the stone surface is seen to be wet, but the amount of liquid medicine is not large, only a small amount of medicine is on the used granite bridge saw for sale surface of the stone. Liquid, there is not much protective agent multi slab cutter penetrated into the stone at all.