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Dark Marble Mold Treatment

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The following methods can be used to deal with the growth of mold on dark marble countertops:

1. Take a sponge, soak the sponge, squeeze out the excess water in the sponge, and gently wipe the moldy areas on the marble countertop with the sponge.

2. If the mildew cannot be removed marble cutter after wiping, heavy calcium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide can be used to make ointment for later use.

3. Then wipe the moldy areas on the wet marble countertop with distilled water, apply the ointment to the moldy areas, wrap the area with the ointment in a plastic bag, and tie the edge of the plastic bag with a tape to seal the marble cutting machine ointment in Above the marble.

4. After the ointment is dry, rinse the surface of the marble with water to remove the ointment, and the mold on the marble will be removed. If it is not stone polishing machine completely removed, you can do it again.

In addition, because the marble countertop has many pores, do not put the dye directly on the marble countertop to avoid staining on the marble surface due to the spilling of the dye. When there is water mark on the marble countertop, it must be stone polishing machine removed in time. It is best to use a soft scouring pad or a damp soft cloth to clean the marble countertops. Avoid using cleaning balls and chemical agents for scrubbing.