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Stone back alkali disease treatment process

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1. Water cut: The water to be cut here refers not only to visible water but the source of all water and moisture. There is no omnipotent method to find the source of water. It is necessary to consider all possibilities in order to truly eliminate the contact between stone and water. Mopping water, direct water source contact, water source on the back of the stone, soil moisture, rain, high air humidity, etc. All details must be considered.

2. Drying: open doors and windows to ventilate, dry naturally, and use a pump to dry. The greater the power of the pump, the better. Use a blower to increase air circulation, floor heating, heating by baking lamps or flame jet heating (use cautiously), and use quicklime Moisture absorption (use with caution), etc., depending on the site conditions, these methods can be applied, and there is granite slab cutting machine only one purpose, which is to keep the stone completely dry.

3. Cleaning: first use a spatula to clean up the severely granite polishing machine returning alkali, and then use a dry rag (or use a pad with a polishing machine) to clean the surface block cutting machine of the stone;

4. Protection

4.1: Seal the joints of the stone with slab cutting machine marble glue or caulking agent;

4.2: Use a brush or soft cloth to apply the stone brightening and brightening agent (permeable type) on the granite bridge saw surface of the stone, the amount is about 20m2/L, keep it for more than 48 hours, and wipe the stone surface clean;

4.3: Repeat the treatment with stone brightening and brightening agents every other week. After about 2-3 treatments, it can prevent used stone machinery Baihua from oozing out again.