multiblade block cutter

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Hydraulic Multiblade block cutter
  • 【产品名称】Hydraulic Multiblade block cutter
  • 【产品型号】DF1650/980
  • 【所属类别】Large cutting machine series
  • 【生产厂家】DAFON Machinery
  • 【浏览次数】15839
  • 【添加时间】2021-08-27 01:59:25

multi blade granite block cutting machine(4)

Functional properties:

In 1, the machine is based on the combination of sawing, through the optimization of modified into4 columns, the machine is adopted hydraulic tightening structure, the overall good rigidity,small space, effectively lower the cutting process the sloshing, the production of plate with high precision.

In 2, the column uses the unique combined sealing device, greatly reducing dust on hydraulic component damage, prolong the service life of the machine.

In 3, the main control box is composed of a frequency converter, transformer, AC contactor, a time relay and other main parts to realize automation, effectively control the hydraulic lifting, walking speed of worktable. Improve machine humanized, operation safety, efficiency.

Technical parameters of Technical Data :

Body size ( mm ) 3200*1650*900
Saw blade diameter ( mm )


Most saw the number ( PCS )

12big 12 small

The lifting stroke ( mm )


Machine weight ( T )