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Why does black stone fade

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Nowadays, the black stone is rarely used in a large area and is generally used for edge decoration and countertops. People often find that the black stone will fade after being used for a period of time, that is, the original color becomes lighter, not stone cutting machines for sale as bright as the original board. The reason is: the color of natural stone is formed naturally, and the color quality is determined by the pigment ion contained in the small stone cutting machine stone and the internal structure.


At the same time, the order of formation granite slab cutting machine of different minerals that make up the stone will also affect the color change, which is the so-called color difference. Therefore, in order to make the color of the stone basically stone cutting machine price the same, the stone processing factory adopts the coloring process (that is, the use of dyes) for processing, so as to solve the problem of the big stone cutting machine color difference of the stone, and the purpose is to make the stone have a better homemade diamond wire saw appearance.


After the dyed black stone is pavement, due to natural weathering, friction, pollution, and other factors, the fading of the black stone is particularly prominent, which seriously affects the decorative effect of the granite cutting machine price stone.


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