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How to solve the problem of corrosion, pollution and color difference of black stone

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First, the use of "melanin" dye, that is, the coloring process. However, because the coloring process of the stone processing plant is to use the original board soaking method, and the paving stone can only use the method of red stone cutting machine painting the surface of the "staining agent", so the fixing effect is obviously different. The latter bridge cutting machine usually only Maintain for about three months.


Second: Use "touch-up protective agent", that is, apply protective agent on the surface of the stone to restore the color of the stone. However, the cnc stone cutting machine reduction rate of black stone color with this method can only reach 70%. At the same time, if these two methods can only deepen the color of hand held stone cutting machine smooth stone, neither can achieve the effect of brightening.

black marble


In the first step, spray an appropriate amount of water on the location to be polished.

In the second step, use 1-4# shallow turning pads (5 inches) for grinding and polishing.

The third step, color difference reduction: blend with CR-7B (dark) and POTEA black powder (per square meter: 25ml/20g), and use a portable portable stone cutting machine polishing machine with 0# steel wool to grind the slurry and produce Glossy quarry stone cutting machine.

In the fourth step, use a portable stone cutting table saw polishing machine with a soft white polishing pad to polish the CR-6A until it is dry.