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Teach you how to quickly distinguish between white fish belly and white snow

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White marble has always been the most popular and eye-catching stone in the marble market. In recent years, the public's aesthetics have become granite water jet cutting machine price younger and younger, and white marble fits the aesthetic requirements of young people: minimalism, whiteness, elegance, and laterite stone cutting machine fashion. The white marble has a warm temperament and an exciting natural texture.

white marble

Fish Maw White and Snow White are marble cnc two famous twin brothers, they come from the same mining area in Italy. At first glance, it seems hard to tell. Experienced stone people can always accurately identify by their background color and texture.

How to distinguish:

1. Snow White & White Fish Maw Mine

Snow White is originally cnc granite cutting machine for sale produced in the Carrara mining area in north-central Italy. Due to the limitation of production stone bridge saw and origin, the only marble mined here in the laterite stone cutting machine price world can be called Snow White. The fish-belly white is produced in certain parts of the Snow White Mine and is distinguished according to the texture of the granite edge cutting machine background color and the color of the grain.

white marble 1

2. Snow white & fish-belly white style contrast

The typical fish-belly white is a transparent white background, the texture is cyan, the texture is more concentrated, and the style is granite cutting machine cost warmer. The typical snowflake white is ice white, the texture is gray-cyan, the texture is looser and more casual than the fish-belly white, and it is cooler.