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What is the difference between Ash White and Jazz White

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1. Texture difference

Although they are all white marbles, the texture of Yashi White is much less than that of Jazz White, and the texture is fine, the texture marble cutting machine wholesale of Yashi White is better;

2. Structure difference

Yashi white marble has a granular structure, and Jazz white marble has a fine-grain structure. Therefore, Yashi white is more red stone cutting machine price finely divided than Jazz white and the difficulty of mining increases. Jazz white is better in terms of physical stability;

Ash marble

3. The difference in texture

It can be seen from the structure small granite cutting machine that the texture of Jazz white marble is denser, while the Ash white marble is looser. Therefore, Jazz white marble can also be used for carving while Ash white is powerless. Jazz white is better in the field of carving;

4. Decoration difference

It can be seen from the texture that the texture granite sink cut out machine of Yashi White is still less delicate, and the texture of Jazz White is more and darker. Yashi White is purer than Jazz White. Therefore, the decoration performance of granite laser engraving machine Yashi White Marble is better than Jazz White.

Pay attention to the characteristics of Yashi White and Jazz White Stone:

1. The stone is white, which is easy to pellegrini wire saw be polluted. It is best to add an antifouling agent on the back of the stone.

2. The stone is easy to be deformed. If it is made of a curved board, it is best to install it as soon as possible after processing it.

3. The color difference of this stone is waterjet stone cutting large, and the pattern is too thick or flake, which affects its utilization rate.