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Features of Ascot and Jazz White

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1. Yashi white marble only has mines in Greece, and the amount of mining is limited, so the price of the stone is generally higher. At present, there is more than 1.6 cm in the market. The price of Yashi white marble after granite multi cutter machine first-level processing is 2 About 1,000 yuan, some prices are higher, so ordinary residents will use it in small areas such as background walls, window sills, toilets, etc., and will not use a large laser stone cutting machine amount of Yashi white marble. If high-end hotels and villas marble stone cutting machine use Yashi white When marble is used for decoration, it can reflect the noble and elegant side.

2. Jazz white marble is also produced in Greece, with fine texture, high processing adaptability, low hardness, easy to engrave, good magisa stone cutting machine plasticity, good sound insulation effect, good heat insulation effect, can be deep processing application, suitable for engraving Materials and special-shaped materials. And in the cnc granite cutting machine texture trend and texture, there are traces of prehistoric civilization. Its overall shape can be described as advanced fashion, which can laser cutting granite show a professional-grade design style, which will be honorable, elegant, and noble. The performance is vivid, because it is loved by many architects, and the price is much cheaper than a few hundred yuan.

Jazz white