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Daily maintenance of granite

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The application environment of stone is also people's living environment, therefore, it will inevitably be polluted by people's daily work and life. If juice, cola, color stains, oil stains, hand stains, dust, etc. If these common stone edge cutting machine pollutions cannot be removed in time, over time, they will leave stains that are difficult to remove on the stone, and some will damage the surface of the stone. Therefore, it is necessary to frequently clean or cleans the stones in the polluted environment, and even for some marble bridge saw special occasions, a dedicated person is required to clean or clean the stones frequently every day.


If you find wet liquid dirt on the ground or wall, wipe it with a paper or cotton cloth with good water absorption in time. If it is water-based dirt, wipe it again with a cotton cloth dipped in water, if it is only dirt, wipe it waterjet granite cutting machine off with absorbent paper and cotton cloth as soon as possible. If this dirt still has permeable stains after wiping, it must be cleaned with corresponding cleaning agents depending granite cutting and polishing machines on the nature or composition of the dirt.

For the maintenance of large-area stone floors, hand-held mopping machines, water suction machines, abrasive brushes, dust pushers, mops, towels, etc. are tools that can be considered. The use of a floor scrubber can greatly improve the work efficiency and cleaning effect, and the use of a water suction machine can clean up the sewage that has been cnc granite saw cleaned on the ground in time.

Of course, in any case, water is the best and most important cleaning material. If necessary, adding some cleaning agents to the water can improve the cleaning quality. But it is worth noting that when using dust pushers, mops and towels, do not use them with water and high humidity.

Because on the one hand, the stone exposed to too much water is prone to some diseases; on the other hand, the ground just wiped with water is relatively slippery, and pedestrians tend to leave footprints afterward; on the other hand, the marble saw cutting machine ground wiped with water looks cleaner at the time. The dust stays on the surface of the stone after it dries. This is the main reason why some ground always feels gray after being wiped with water.

Therefore, the daily cleaning of the stone floor should be combined with pushing and rubbing. Push, push dry, or make the cotton dust a little damp, or spray a little vacuum cleaner on the dust pusher, so that the dust and sand on the ground can be types of marble cutting machine cleaned up in time. Wiping means using a mop or towel to clean water and liquid dirt on the prices of automatic granite cutting machines ground in time.