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The use of stone scrap

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Used as parquet material

Mosaic is a very ancient decorative technique. Its principle is to cut and collage stones of different textures and colors to form quartz cutting machine unique artistic patterns. Through mosaic, the fusion of floor tiles can be realized, and the plane level will be fuller than a single decorative granite sink hole cutting machine effect.


With the advancement of modern alpha marble cutter design and production technology, this technology is in the ascendant. At present, in many domestic engineering projects in the fields of hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, airports, etc., the granite wire saw industry tends to use parquet to enrich the decorative effect. This makes the amount and variety of stone mosaics more and more, and the patterns are more and more complicated.

The leftover material produced in the marble slab cutting machine process of stone processing is a good source of material for stone mosaics, whether it is marble, granite, or various artificial stones, it can be used. After processing the stone quarry cutting machine corners and corners, using craftsmanship, etc., not only can make full use of waste resources, and achieve environmental and economical ecological and waterjet granite economic effects but also can make the whole environment full of warmth cnc machine marble and vitality through the beauty of the stone and the beautiful patterns. Vitality.