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Stone scraps made into terrazzo

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Terrazzo is a product made by mixing aggregates such as crushed stone, glass, quartz stone, etc. into the binder to make a concrete product and then grinding and polishing the surface. Traditional terrazzo generally uses granite sink cut out machine for sale cement as a binder, so the surface is rough, easy to weather and abrasion, and its color expression has great limitations.


In recent years, since people began to stone bridge saw for sale replace cement with epoxy resin, a series of defects of terrazzo have been perfectly solved, the material is more delicate, it has begun to become smooth and bright, and the color also shows a bright beauty. In addition, it is lighter in weight, so when installed on the kerb stone cutting machine second or third floor, you don't have to worry about being overweight. Nowadays, new terrazzo can be prefabricated and cast on-site. Prefabricated terrazzo is very easy to stone quarry cutting machine for brick install and construct and is similar to ceramic tiles.

New terrazzo is used more widely than traditional terrazzo. Almost all households that use tiles and floors can be replaced with new best marble cutter terrazzo.

The development of terrazzo is of great significance. At present, there are many kinds of floor and wall material products in our country, and marble edge cutting machine the new type of terrazzo should have a place.

In addition, the development of high-end terrazzo technology and turning waste into treasure can achieve sustainable development and promote stone mitre saw the development of synthetic stone and multifunctional stone.