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Is it better to use marble or tile for stair steps

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1. The marble stepping is strong and durable, and it won't be damaged as easily as tiles.

I guess everyone has seen the tiled stairs before. As long as the time is a little longer, the corners will inevitably be damaged, especially if granite letter cutting machine there is a hollow drum at the outer corner, and a slightly heavy object will fall. What's more, the general stair step has a cover edge of about 1-2cm, which is more prone to damage. However, this situation does not exist with marble, as long as it is laser engraving machine for granite stone not deliberately smashed, it will generally not be damaged. This is also the biggest advantage of marble steps.


2. The marble texture is coherent throughout and can be stone sawing machine polished, refurbished, and polished at will.

Marble is different from the floor tiles. The texture of marble is the same throughout. Even if it is processed into various shapes, it will not affect cnc stone cutting machine price the surface texture, so it is more conducive to various process operations such as staircase chamfering. And when our marble steps lose their luster after granite slab edge cutting machine using for too long, we can polish, refurbish and polish at will, so that the stair steps look exactly like the new ones, but the ceramic tiles cannot be operated like this. The old ones are only broken. Renovated.