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Natural stone defects are a kind of natural beauty, and the value and price of stone are thought-provoking!

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Natural stone, as one of the oldest materials for construction, decoration or utensils, has a long history of people's understanding and use of it, and it can even be traced back to Pangu Kaitian. Its advantages are beyond doubt. Today, natural stone is still synonymous with high-end architecture, high-end decoration and some rare and precious decorations.

With the changes of the times, humans' aesthetic taste improves and they pursue uniqueness. Because of its natural properties, stone can satisfy people's pursuit of permanent and unique inner desires and is favored. However, with the widespread use of natural stone, various imitations frequently appear, and even various speeches attacking the defects of natural stone.

There are no two identical leaves in the world, and there are no two identical stones in the world. Natural stone comes from the gift of nature, with the aura of nature. Since you love marble, you must love everything about it. The existence of everything is two-sided, infrafred stone machine and there is no perfect definition, and so is natural stone.


Eight advantages of stone in modern architectural decoration:

Noble and elegant: stone has the characteristics of noble and elegant, bright and translucent, hard and permanent, and different stones have different gorgeousness. All kinds of public and high-level buildings will use decorative stone to improve the "grade". Full of luxurious atmosphere.

Unique and diverse: Stone is a unique natural building material with irreplaceable properties. Its own texture is not comparable to any other synthetic materials or composite materials.

Although many materials imitate the texture of stone, the unique texture of stone cannot be imitated. When natural stone is mined, it is generally a large block. The designer can design the size and shape of the stone according to his own design requirements, and the processing freedom Very high, so the diversification and unique processing possibilities of stone are unique and incomparable among building materials.

Comfortable and energy-saving: stone has good thermal conductivity and high heat storage capacity. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, which is conducive to energy saving. It has good thermal conductivity and high heat storage capacity. It can be used as a building material for the exterior wall of a house. It is very good.

Beautiful and durable: Stone has the characteristics of durability, beauty, easy cleaning, acid rain resistance, strong and durable, many ancient times still have the same scenery.

Suitable for modeling: Stone is a three-dimensional building material. In addition to large slabs and blocks, natural stone can also be made into any shape, and it can also be carved with textures. For example, the surface of natural stone can be processed to make the surface of the stone show a special surface, which can be used for any style of decoration.

Suitable for design: the diversity of natural stone, no building material has such a rich color and variety as natural stone, and we have also said before, the surface treatment of stone is not restricted, designers can play to their hearts' content. Creativity.

High cost performance: The long-term comprehensive cost performance of stone is very high. If you pay attention to the total cost of various building materials for 30 years or more, in the long run, it can be seen that the total cost of natural stone is not higher than that of other artificial building materials. .

Technological innovation: With the development of supporting equipment for stone construction, the application technology of stone in construction has become more mature. The finishing of various stone materials is endless, and various fashion items are emerging in an endless stream.


In addition to the beautiful texture, the wear resistance and plasticity of natural stone are also an important reason why people choose natural stone, and it is the carrier of many artists to create art. This is why, natural stone has always been imitated, but it has always been the reason why many imitations cannot surpass it. This is where the natural value of natural stone lies and cannot be copied!