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Italian small snow white, impeccable natural white marble

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Little Snow White comes from the small town of Carrara in north-central Italy, a city in the province of Massa-Carrara in Tuscany in north-central Italy, known as the "Marble Capital of the World". The stone output in the small town of Carrara has always been known for its low output and high grade. Its texture is elegant and luxurious, marble stone machine and the whole body is moist. It has a high reputation among the noble merchants in Europe.


Rare is precious, Snow White is not only widely respected in Europe, but also loved by many famous designers in China. In the design and granite slab cutting machine application of commercial space, Snow White is widely used in interior wall and floor decoration. The well-designed lines and concise details will make the entire space look refined and fashionable, infrared bridge cuttingcreating a different sense of hierarchyand splitting machine and space.

Snow White Marble has a white stone machine and delicate background and a pure texture, which brings an ethereal and clean atmosphere to the space, making people who enter it feel fresh and natural.