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Stone quarry mining method

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Flame cutting method:

The flame cutting method uses diesel as fuel and compressed air to support combustion. The nozzle atomizes the diesel under high pressure to form a high-temperature flame. The air in the inner high-pressure nozzle sprays the flame at high speed and sprays it directly onto the rock. The rock is quickly broken on the surface of the automatic stone cutting machine rock to form stone chips, and the high-speed air blows away the stone chips layer by layer, breaking them layer by layer, forming grooves, thereby completing the separation of the stone.

stone quarry

This method is mainly popular in the 1970s and is theoretically very suitable for siliceous stone mining. However, this method can only cut vertical cracks and cannot be used for horizontal cutting. Therefore, when using this method bridge cutting machine granite alone for stone mining, it is also necessary to use natural horizontal geography, otherwise, independent mining cannot be carried out.

Not only is its function limited, but compared with other current mining methods, this method also has great disadvantageslarge machine noise, more dust, low cutting efficiency, irregular blocks, internal injuries, and large waste of resources. The body fracture layer cannot be cut, and at the same time, a large amount of diesel oil is required, and the cutting cost is high. At present, in most stone mines in China, this method has cnc router for granite basically been eliminated, but in some small workshop-style mines, this method may still be seen. In addition, this method still exists in some foreign countries saw granite cutting machine where mining technology is relatively backward, especially in Central Asia. This is mainly because the method also has some real advantages: high working efficiency, flexible working position, large limit cutting depth, and large single cutting area.