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How much do you know about N multiple cross-border integration methods of stone?

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Product integration has become an economic phenomenon and a trend of social development. Economy and economy can be integrated, economy and technology can be integrated, economy and politics can be integrated, and products and products can be integrated.

Creativity is everywhere and anyone can do it, but we have not used our imagination. The famous physicist Einstein said in his article "On Science" deeply: "Imagination is more anutomatic bush hanmmer machineimportant than knowledge, because knowledge is limited, and imagination summarizes everything in the world, promotes progress, and is The source of knowledge evolution."

"One flower alone is not spring, but when a hundred flowers bloom, spring will be full." I think it is equally applicable and suitable to apply this philosophy to the processing of stone products.


The combination of stone and metal

Stone and metal began to combine very early, and the application volume is still very large. The largest project that I have come across for the combination of stone and metal is the Shenzhen Great China Exchange Square project. The sun white hemp cubstone stone is inlaid with stainless steel from the column to the ground. The luster of natural stone and the luster of stainless steel complement each other, creating a shining symphony.


Figure 1 shows the sun white hemp column in the lobby of Shenzhen Great China Exchange Square. The joint of each floor is decorated with a stainless steel strip with a width of 20mm. The stainless steel strip emits a shining light, which complements the block cutter bright sun white hemp arc board, making the sun white hemp arc board decoration more intense. Without the aid of stainless steel bars, the light of the sun white hemp itself is still slightly inferior.


The combination of stone and wood

Combining stone and wood, there were products in this area as early as ancient times. The natural patterned marble is inlaid in the mahogany furniture, which has the decorative infrared bridge cutter effect of wood and the charm of natural stone. Nowadays, decoration is prosperous, and the cross-border combination of wood and stone is more. Installing stone countertops on wooden kitchen cabinets has become an important decorative trend.