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The birth and design application of a piece of stone

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Stone comes from the accumulation and change of nature for a long time. Its formation has a two-way relationship between time and space. The time is long and can be as long as hundreds of millions of years. The space formation can be divided into sedimentary rocks and igneous rocks. Sedimentary rocks are slowly deposited by streams. , The texture is delicate; the igneous rock is formed by the molten granite machine volcanic eruption of crustal movement, containing crystals, and rich in color. Water and fire affect the crystalline state of stone, which surpasses bridge cutter any man-made operation, and its naturalness cannot be replaced by any man-made.

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In fact, the treatment of stone is to restore the initial state of marble formed between the heavens and the earth, and transform the long-term temporality and sense of space that it has nurtured into an artificially enclosed space on all sides, respecting block cutter the natural primitive, not over-processing, and preventing any destructiveness. Processing.


Each block needs to observe the color of the texture before cutting. The precise cutting equipment allows each block to be fully utilized without causing any waste. According to the characteristics of different stones, the surface treatment is done, and the automatic cutting mahcine grinding heads of different sizes are used to process different surfaces. The commonly used surfaces are divided into smooth surface, antique surface, axe surface, texture surface, etc. .