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Organic religious ritual place formed by white marble

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The Melle hilaire church is a choir reconstruction project led by French designer mathieu lehanneur. Here, the white stones are organically distributed like natural minerals, and the continuous terrain formed by the white stones creates a strong visual tension in the space. With pure materials, complex terrain, and perfect Romanesque performance, the reconstructed Melle hilaire church not only has architectural language, but also has absolute impact and signs. It has become an organic religious ritual place.


The white stone grows like natural terrain in the form of superimposed layers, forming hills and ravines with pure texture. The stacking relationship between them is fine, smooth, and stretched, which fits together with the colonnade space in the church, and has a soft and firmness. This unique space design is actually a method automatice edge cutting machineby which block cutter designer mathieu lehanneur envisioned the original topography of the Romanesque church and traced the source of the church with natural stone.

The arrangement of light and shadow is also an important step in presenting the soft and sacred Melle hilaire church. When the light is reflected on the white marble blocks of the church through granite the skylight, they are like musical notes from the sky, sporadicly jumping and pouring down, forming bright or dark, imaginary or solid mottles with the marble stone texture. In this quiet and infrared bridge cutter solemn hall, soft and fragmented chanting and low singing are displayed, providing people with a simple and original feeling.

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Compared with buildings that use clear symbols or abstract forms to impress people, the Melle hilaire church uses more emotional penetration, allowing people to quietly accept a relationship in a bright and bright place. The inner baptism of context, memory and experience. At this time, humans and gods are no longer divided into two flaming machine independent worlds, but gradually merged, generating a kind of heart-shaking power in the interaction of equal dialogue. This power surpassed prayer, enchantment, and mood, and finally fell on the haloed white stone, forming a piece of tranquility and peace...