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Thousands of flat white marbles frequently turn yellow? The most complete solution in history is here!

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White marble is expensive! Because: white marble is beautiful! And because: there are few white marbles! Even more because: white marble processing and installation are very demanding and difficult!

Among the many marbles, white marble is undoubtedly one of the most widely used stone materials. White marble is used for high-end and luxurious walls, floors, background walls, stairs; countertops and other places, and some people use white marble to play tricks, such as Clothes, light bulbs, fruit plates, loudspeakers, even toilets, etc.

1.The structure and composition of the stone itself

Scanning electron microscope studies on the most common white marble surface found that there are iron minerals with particle sizes ranging from 2 microns to hundreds of blcok cutter microns on the surface and texture of white marble. Some are distributed on the surface of the board, and some are enriched in Lines.


The oxidation of iron minerals contained in white marble is believed to be the main cause of yellowing of the marble. Because most of the marbles have a single and uniform pattern except for the grains, when the iron-containing minerals randomly dispersed in the marble are oxidized to form yellow or brown hydrated iron oxides, defects on the board surface are formed, and the beauty is This phenomenon is particularly prominent for white marble.


The iron in white marble mainly exists in the form of ferrous sulfide, iron carbonate and flaming machine magnesium iron silicate, and these iron minerals are dispersed in the marble matrix or enriched in the marble texture.


This test result shows that the yellowing phenomenon of white marble is the result of oxidation and hydration acting on the surface of the stone. Both of these conditions are automatic line polishing machine indispensable. Unlike immersing in ionized water, white marble immersed in alkaline solution is very easy to cause yellowing.

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Place the same stone sample in 15-25°C alkaline water soaked for 6 hours, and then put the sample block in an oven at 50-60°C for 18 hours. After 20 such cycles, the experiment found that all the white marbles selected for the experiment had yellowing, and Carrara white marble was the most serious.


Alkaline solution is easy to make white marble yellow. The reason is that in alkaline medium, the oxidation-reduction potential of ferric iron is reduced to ferric iron, and it is easily oxidized to ferric iron by oxygen in the air. Water combination forms yellow pollution on the surface of the board.