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Looking at marble painting from the perspective of "painting", everything will subvert your imagination.

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The beauty of natural marble painting,As far as it is not artificially carved and painted, its charm is exactly the same as that of Chinese landscape painting, making this kind of heavenly stone painting become a treasure as soon as it appears.

Natural marble painting

From the perspective of the development and production of natural marble painting resources, marble painting has a different development and production method from other Chinese strange stones. The pictures and patterns of marble block cutter paintings are naturally natural, but from cutting, picture cutting to polishing, accessories and other links, they are all permeated with the artistic ingenuity of the marble processing masters, and they test the art of the processors. Therefore, since polishing machine ancient times, phase stone, open stone, grinding stone, framing and cutting are the most difficult things in the development and production of marble painting. "


Marble mosaic

The plasticity of stone mosaic is very strong, so you can design different types to suit your own decoration style.

Tired of the same fancy pattern, is it possible to use marble to make an oil painting? The infrared bridge cutter answer granite is yes-stone painting.

And it can design a more modern style, and integrate it into modern life without violating harmony. This kind of artistic decoration can be used in home decoration and office decoration.

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