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Black Mountain Stone

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The black mountain stone point scenery stone is used for the Japanese-style dry landscape and high-end villas. It is particularly beautiful. The color is dark gray and black. After thousands of years of wind and rain, it has formed a unique sense of history.

There are many rules to follow in the layout of Heishan stone. For example, the commonly used in ancient Chinese calligraphy and painting art, such as starting, inheriting, and turning together, flaming machine the layout of gardening is reflected in the sparse, dense, curved, and straight; Japanese traditional courtyards are true, line, and straight. The cursive layout technique shows different styles from complex to simple, from simulation to intended. Many materials are used well in the layout and can produce a variety of different visual automatic slab loader effects. For example, the arrangement and combination of plants of different heights and sizes can show a sense of simplicity, coordination, rhythm, heaviness, and color.


640.webp (1)Another example is the dense vegetation with winding paths, which will give rise to a sense of depth and tranquility later, which is very suitable for high-grade residential buildings graite with oriental atmosphere. There are no rules for the blcok cutter use of materials, but the exquisite garden is made up of various materials such as plants, stones, sculptures, waterscapes, etc. through artistic combination. Made. Therefore, marble the materials are used well and can be very brilliant. For example, in a Japanese garden, the combination of trees and turf, and various types of wild rocks, soil slopes, and gravel is very particular. All kinds of techniques are imitations of natural mood and taste, which can make people spiritually cultivated and happy.