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What are the factors that affect the mining cost of stone mines

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1. Blocks

The block rate is an important indicator to measure the integrity of the ore body. It refers to the ratio of the total block volume of the stone tile cutting machine to the total ore volume of the ore body. Generally speaking, the higher the block rate, the better the integrity of the ore body, and vice versa, the poorer the integrity saw cutter of the ore body. Obviously, because severely broken rock mass cannot produce blocks that meet industrial requirements and specifications, only rock masses that can be processed to meet industrial utilization requirements and standards can be used as materials for the production of decorative cutting granite stone. Therefore, the level of block rate will affect It directly affects the mining cost and production efficiency of the entire mine. Before deciding whether to invest in a mine, entrepreneurs should carefully observe the development of joints and fissures, conduct trial mining on the mine, determine the theoretical block rate of the entire mining area, and then judge whether the mine is worth mining. In addition, before the actual mining production, the mine owner should refine the composition of different block sizes in marble cutter the block rate, find out the proportion of large, medium, and small size blocks, and select the appropriate plan for mining.


In addition, in addition to the mine’s own block rate, the company’s block mining efficiency (output) will also directly affect the mining cost of the entire mine. After all, mines with higher output always have much lower fixed hand cutting machine expenditures per unit area and unit time (such as equipment consumption, labor costs, water and electricity expenditures, etc.) than those with lower output. Therefore, in order to marble cutting machine pursue better mining costs and increase the production profits of enterprises, it is very necessary for mining enterprises to minimize explosive blasting and manual splitting, introduce scientific and advanced mining technology and equipment, marble polishing machine and adopt scientific mining plans to improve each Taiwan's mining equipment production efficiency, and accordingly increase the output of blocks. Especially in recent years, the state has paid more and more attention to concepts such as green mines and mines environmental protection. The tolerance for "scattered and polluted" enterprises is getting bridge saw lower and nearer to nothing. Mining enterprises must take the initiative to eliminate stone saw outdated production technologies and equipment and resolutely Promote internal transformation and upgrading of enterprises.