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The harm of water absorption to stone

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It is not an exaggeration to say that most of the various problems in the application of stone are closely related to water. It can even stone polishing machine be said that most of the problems are caused by water.

1. After the stone absorbs water, it will cause the mineral reaction to change. Various problems such as rust spots, yellowing, water diamond cutting machine spots, reversion, chromatic aberration, chalking, bursting, slab cutter breakage, etc.

2. After the natural stone absorbs water, it will also cause a decrease in the binding force of minerals and cementing materials, which will lower the compressive strength and bending strength of the stone. For example, the stone is deformed by water absorption, deformed after compression, warped abdomen, cracked, and broken, which tiles cutting machine price increases the risk of engineering use.

3. Natural stone has a high water absorption rate, which increases the weight of the stone. When applied to outdoor walls, it is affected by slab milling natural conditions such as the rainy season and dampness. Water absorption makes the structure load-bearing. Rain and damp permeate the stone to promote the oxidation of structural parts and affect the safety of the building.

4. Natural stone such as low density, limestone dissolves after absorbing water. The occurrence of loss of gloss, discoloration, potholes, and aging granite saw on the stone surface will reduce the application performance of the stone.

5. After the natural stone absorbs water, the water freezes and the volume will expand. It freezes in the cold winter and melts when the granite polishing machine temperature rises. The repeated cycles of freezing and melting will cause the stone to break.

6. When maintenance is done under damp conditions, moisture will also dissolve the material, thereby affecting the polishing block cutting machine effect.