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How to judge whether the stone needs renovation

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1. The first stone that needs renovation

The stone has been used for a long time, and the gloss has dropped due to normal friction damage; if it is being re-decorated or to enhance laser cutting machine price in india the image, the original stone generally does not need to be replaced, but you need to ask a professional The company professionally refurbishes the marble to ensure that the original concrete cutter hire stone has a new luster again.

2. The second stone that needs renovation

When the decoration stones are all aluminum cutting machine laid, there will be gaps in the slabs. At this time, the gaps should be filled with colors that are almost the same as the stone. After filling, the filling agent must be polished and polished. This is wall cutting machine price also a kind of stone wall groove cutting machine renovation treatment.

3. The third type of stone that needs renovation

Everyone knows that during the renovation construction, a large number of decorators need to move many objects, such as lifting frames and ladders. It is impossible for decorators to pay attention to the protection of the stone circle cutting machine surface from time to time. Therefore, sometimes it will cause wear and tear. It will damage the stone, and sometimes because of the different levels of the decoration slab cutting machine company personnel, the effect of stone decoration is not good. At this time, it is cutting paving slabs necessary to refurbish the misplaced and uneven stone.