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Stone Maintenance and renovation process

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Stone maintenance is the basic guarantee for improving the decorative effect of the stone, extending the life of the stone, reflecting the value and quality of the stone, and its equipment and technical requirements cutting paving slabs are high.

Process one: slitting

After cutting with the blade thickness of the same size, on the one hand, the cement slag, sand, dust, and other dirt in the slit are cleared, and angle cutting machine on the other hand, the width of the original slit is adjusted to achieve the same width, avoiding some slits that are too narrow and narrow. Can not make up marble cutter machine price for the ills of glue.

Process 2: Mending seams

After the opening process is completed, no seam mending treatment is performed to make the stone achieve an integrated effect; and waterproof treatment is performed to minimize water stains caused by refurbishing the granite bridge saw ground with water.

Process 3: Coarse grinding

According to the size of marble polish machine price the ground drop, the grinding is divided into three situations of depth, medium and shallow, to eliminate granite cutting saw scratches on the stone surface and level the cut.

Process 4: Fine grinding and polishing

Using special stone maintenance equipment, fine grinding eliminates the traces left by rough grinding, and after fine grinding and polishing, the stone surface can return to its original luster. (During the refurbishment and grinding process, use a high-power dust suction and water absorption ax machine to absorb water in cutting granite tile time to reduce water penetration into the ground and try to avoid water stains on the slate).

Process five: crystal face treatment

Using a special machine for stone used stone machinery crystal surface and polishing pad, the stone curing crystal powder (liquid) evenly penetrates marble cutter price into the molecular gap of the stone and solidifies into a transparent protective layer marble cutting machine for sale with high strength and toughness.