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Stone that is more dazzling than crystal chandelier-give you a different visual feast

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This kind of material introduced to you today is called the strong hand of atmosphere creation-translucent marble  stone. This kind of material is widely used, and the bush hammer machine most important thing is its high appearance.


Why is the translucent stone a strong hand in atmosphere creation? First of all, the light-transmitting granite stone has a good light-transmitting effect, which is its distinguishing flaming machine characteristic from other materials. Its normal light transmittance is about 30% to 80%.

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Translucent stones have very good effects in different styles, layouts, and characteristic spaces. Artistic light (or natural light) leaks from the inside of the stone, fully expressing bridge cutter the texture, color and block cutter texture of the natural stone, enhancing the visual effect of the stone, and is softer and more natural than direct lighting.