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The combination of primitive stone and wood interprets minimalist architectural aesthetics

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Design space is design light. Light is used as an architectural element in the design. While constructing architectural aesthetics, it emphasizes design functionality and satisfies the requirements of balance, rhythm, repetition and other elements. Use block cutter light to create an artistic conception and use natural materials to create a more emotional architectural space, so as to better carry people's lives.

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The materials used in the reception hall are only stone and wood, and there is no superfluous decoration. They are blended and reconstructed in the space to form an irreplaceable flaming machine sense of beauty. This concise selection of materials can better express powerful emotions.


The designer constructs the "order" of the space and expresses a reasonable way of existence. Its connotation encompasses everything, nature, and the nature of human beings. After marble design transformation, the internal "order" is realized. The use of partition walls to divide the space boundaries also makes the granite space more interesting and achieves the "people-centered" environment in the design, making "humanity" a unique design in the space.