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Milan Cathedral: A poem was written in marble

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The Milan Cathedral is located in Milan, Italy. The entire church has an extremely beautiful appearance. The entire church is made of white marble. The church is 158 meters long and 93 meters wide at its widest point. The highest point of the spire is 108.5 meters. With a total area of 11,700 square meters, it can accommodate 35,000 people.


There are 96 monster-shaped drains on the outside of the church, and the monsters at each corner are different. Exquisitely carved window grilles are distributed throughout block cutter the building, with a total length of about half a mile (1 km). There are also 150 water channels and 410 marble supports, all decorated with reliefs.


The characteristic of the church is its shape, pointed arches, pilasters, and flower window lattices. There are 135 marble spires. Each tower has a statue on the top, as a dense Tallinn stabs into the sky, giving people a sense of soaring sublimation and transcendence.


The main church of Milan Cathedral was built in 1386, and the foundation stone was laid by Gian Visconti, a prominent Milanese family. The vault was completed in 1500, and the flaming machine the automatic polishing machine gilded the Virgin Mary statue on the central tower was in place in 1774. Most of the church's construction was completed in 1813 and finally completed in 1897.


In 1809, Napoleon ordered the church to be decorated and polished. It was not until 1965 that the last copper bridge cutter door on the front of the church was installed. This construction project lasted about 5 centuries.