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The outer wall is made of hollow stone. It took 8 years to build the "Valletta City Gate" to take you through the past and present

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The Valletta City Gate project is located in Valletta, the capital of Malta in Southern Europe. It was designed by Renzo Piano Architecture Studio. This is a renovation project. The overall plan is to restore and restore the original historical features of the original site. Colleagues beautify the landscape, adding a new parliament building and an amphitheater.


When designing the exterior wall of the complex, the architects took into account the angle granite of the sun’s rays. The exterior wall adopts the design of louvered structure. Each protruding stone on the main facade is carved with three-dimensional hollow patterns by CNC machinery. At the same time, it helps indoor ventilation, can adjust the energy required by the building, and control the total amount of light entering the building.


In order to transform marble the pedestrian passages and wayfinding signs, the designers will also re-layout the public areas near the project. The entire project emphasizes an bridge cutter appropriate and introverted attitude, respecting the original characteristics of the site while establishing its own characteristics. The new city block cutter gate does not have flashy decorations. On the contrary, it focuses on restoring the original ruins in this important area of the city.