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Causes of stone floor damage

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1. The settlement and tearing of the foundation part of the ground cause the surface natural stone cutting machine stone to crack.

2. External damage causes damage to the ground stone steel cutting equipment.

3. Choosing marble on the stone to lay the ground will cause used marble machines problems.

On the one hand, people often only pay attention to the color tone when choosing the stone, and do not consider the difference in weather best tile cutting machine resistance and abrasion resistance of marble and granite. On the other hand, marble was the most imported stone at the beginning. At that time, the processing technology of granite was not as advanced as it is now, and the tone and style of marble are mostly elegant. This makes it a fashion to choose marble for indoor use. It is also the main reason why there are more problems second hand granite cutting machines with marble on the stone floor.

4. Humid environment.

The main component of marble is calcium carbonate, which will expand under the action of water, so the loose part of the stone structure will burst first, leaving it on the marble floor like a stone pit. The formed stone pit will continue to granite cutting equipment pulverize in a humid environment, making the surrounding stone lose.

5. Wrong protection method.

For some owners and construction workers, although they applied protective agent to the marble in advance, problems still occurred when it was spread on the ground. This aspect is due to the fact that the cracks and lose parts of the stone have not been well repaired, and the large water pressure on the back of the stone will quickly destroy it due to moisture. On the other hand, although protection is also done on the front of the marble, the moisture on the ground will also enter the interior of the stone along the cracks and loose parts of the stone, increasing the humidity of the stone, thus forming a limestone cutting machines vicious circle.

6. Abrasion destroys the gloss of the marble surface.

The hardness of marble is low and the strength is poor. Therefore, the tile cutting machines for sale marble floor, especially the more places, will multi wire granite cutting machine quickly lose its luster. Such as corridors, halls, counters, etc.