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The stone floor repair method

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1. Repair the defective surface

After long-term use of marble stone, it is inevitable that there will be defects. Before repairing the defective surface of the marble, the block cutting machine manufacturers defect must be cleaned up and the dust must be vacuumed up, and then the discarded stone of the same quality must be cleaned up. Cut into the size of the defective part, seal it, and then polish it.

2. Repair the hole surface

Stone holes are also a defect formed by stone after long-term use. Of course, the holes must be cleaned before the marble hole is repaired, and then use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the dust, and then use the discarded stone of the same quality to smash it. The discarded stone must also be Clean up and mix it with resin glue for filling. The filling is slightly higher than the stone surface 3~4mm. After the resin glue is marble cutting machine for sale in pakistan completely dry, use a polishing machine to polish it and cnc machine granite cutting wait for renovation.

3. Repair the stitching

Some stones will have seams during the laying process. If the seams between the stone and the stone are not strictly treated, it is inevitable that a black seam will be formed between the stone and the stone. The black seam must be made before industrial stone cutting saw renovation. Clean the black seams with a needle, a blade, or a seam slitting machine, and then use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dirt in the tile cutting machine suppliers black seams, and finally, use viscose glue to adjust the color close to stone to fill in all the seams (a little higher than 0.2mm of stone).

4. Repair cracks

Cracks are one of the problems that may occur after long-term use of stone. To repair marble cracks, you must first clean up the automatic gemstone cutting machine dirt in the cracks, then use a vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust in the cracks, and finally use crack repair marble cutting table glue to correct Cracks that are repaired. The stone surface is polished, and its surface gloss is restored by re-polishing or re-grinding. By repairing the damaged cutting machine for concrete stone floor, the clean, bright, and perfect floor effect is shown in front of people.

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