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Jazz White Marble | Create the ultimate romantic life texture

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In the design, a large area of black, white and gray is supplemented with the color of the log, and the golden steel plate is used to realize the division of some functions and bridfe cutter spatial areas, which is fashionable and slender without being bloated; embellished by interesting artworks, make the quality of life easy Sense is also properly reflected.

The keynote of qiyun is the base, the finishing touch of colorism sings, and the marble fashion posture of urban upstart emerges.Art Yamu is based on the blcok cutter taste of life, and the level of beauty is ready to come out, drawing every day into the painting.The good mood of Su just waking up, and the first ray of sunshine, ignited the little luck of the day.


Adhering to the principle of the supremacy of practicality in the spatial structure, structural changes have been made to satisfy the use and also enrich the spatial hierarchy. In terms flaming machine of material, the combination of jazz white stone and teak wood reflects the essential beauty of natural materials and gives the space an artistic conception of returning to nature. In the living room, there are mountains and water behind you, as if you are in between mountains and rivers.

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Inject a warm and moist atmosphere into the air, and there is an atmosphere of living in nature, drawing polishing machine a rich and humanistic atmosphere, and you can cruhser feel calm and relieved as soon as you step in. The details are treated with ingenuity. The combination splitting machine of water gray and black and white tones creates the cold beauty of the overall space, and the marble adds an active atmosphere to the space.