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DAFON Stone Machinery in 2020 Shuitou Stone Fair

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微信图片_202012171422264微信图片_202012171422268On December 12, 2020, the head of the "Stone Capital of the World" was blue and the sun was shining brightly. The 21st China (Nan'an) Shuitou International Stone Fair and Stone Design Week were grandly held in Shuitou International Stone Exhibition Center. As the first offline stone industry international exhibition successfully held under the raging global epidemic, this Shuitou Stone Expo is extraordinary. With the bridge cutter great attention of the municipal party committee and the municipal government and the concerted efforts of all stone people, it has overcome difficulties. Last, let this year's Stone Fair be more creative, richer in design, smarter, more bright spots, let Shuitou once again attract the world's attention, wonderful and brilliant.


With the theme of "Creativity, Intelligent Manufacturing, and Inclusiveness", this year's Stone Fair showcases the elements of "design". Its block cutter invites famous designers and industry experts to communicate and interact on-site, including branding, booth planning, awards, study tours, live broadcasts, etc. The crusher machine new upgrade. It is divided into stone & new materials area, new product area, stone digital science, and technology museum, mechanical area, and new sections such as special exhibition of master stone work, academic achievement exhibition, cross-border live broadcast exhibition, etc., comprehensively splitting machine build online, offline, and live broadcast Multi-dimensional product ecology of interconnection, design and cross-border.


The heads of elites gather together, and the stone boutiques have a panoramic view. As an annual stone event and the first international stone exhibition under the epidemic, the 21st Shuitou Stone Fair is bustling with people. The organizing committee has made meticulous planning marble and comprehensive and thoughtful prevention and control measures to prevent the epidemic from stopping flaming machine stone and machinery. The enthusiasm and popularity of mining companies, distributors, distributors, buyers, designers, artists, media, and exhibitors are full.


2020 is a special year, and the 2020 Shuitou Stone Fair is destined to be an extraordinary fair. Different performances in planning, conception, publicity, theme setting, etc. It is believed polishing machine that the upgrade, breakthrough, and innovation in the fields of product connotation, stone design, intelligent manufacturing, and cultural creativity in this year's Stone Fair will once again bring the world to focus and create a new height in the "World Stone Capital".