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Sandstone-the use of bluestone

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Most of the existing stone products are marble and granite, which are popular among consumers due to their high hardness, fine texture, and rich colors. With the tile cutter development of science and technology, such products have been detected to contain different levels of radioactivity. At the same time, granite cutting machine marble is expensive and has a smooth surface, which is easy to slip. Moreover, due to its fine texture and imperviousness, in outdoor construction such as squares, underground drainage cutter blade systems need to be built, which is expensive. It is for these reasons cutting granite that sandstone materials came into being and gradually replaced granite in many fields.

Bluestone is a kind of sandstone. Since ancient times, our country has used the tradition of bluestone. Most of the bluestone is mainly used as building foundation stone. The products are extensive and present in the original state. The surface is rough and cannot meet the requirements of building multi cutter decoration materials.

At the same time, due to the strong water absorption of the bluestone surface, it is easy to absorb water and dirt, so bluestone has not been able to enter the field of indoor home decoration in large block saw quantities.

Later, the emergence of a special protective agent for bluestone solved this problem. After the bluestone is cut and formed, an anti-fouling and impermeable layer is treated on its surface, so that the processed bluestone does not absorb block cutting machine water and dirt, and is suitable for indoor and outdoor multidisc decoration. Bluestone has a relatively loose structure and has a certain degree of flexibility, is resistant to bending, and is not easy to break. At the same time, because of its low strength, the saw block bluestone has strong workability and is suitable for carving works.