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Bathroom stone yellowing solution

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The stone in the bathroom is often stained by greasy, rust, soap, etc. In order to keep the surface clean without damaging rock polisher the surface of the stone, you can use a multifunctional decontamination paste to clean it. As for the crevices of the stone tiles, first, use a brush with a little decontamination cream to remove the dirt, and then brush a water-repellent agent on the crevices. This will not only prevent water seepage grinder machine but also prevent mold growth. It is worth mentioning that the current large amounts of cleaning and disinfecting agents used in households all contain chemical substances such as acid and alkali that have a great impact on natural stone, which has an unfavorable reaction to the surface color and internal mineral composition of the stone. What's more polishing machine serious is that most cleaning agents must react on the surface of the stone for at least five minutes to be effective. However, during this time the cleaning agent is already marble machine destroying the stone, so the surface of the bathroom stone should be cleaned with a neutral pH. detergent.

Acidic cleaners can remove lime, cement stains, limescale, and stubborn urine stains, and oxidized metal stains on the surface of marble polishing cleaning objects, such as acidified cleaners. Alkaline cleaners can remove all kinds of animal and vegetable grease stains and mechanical oil stains, and can remove the wax layer on the ground. Such as special enhanced oil cleaning agents; strong waxing water and so on. If the acid-alkaline cleaner is used improperly, in addition to the waste of the cleaner, it will also stone polisher damage the surface of the cleaner to varying degrees, and may even cause damage to the user's skin or eyes. Therefore, we should pay attention to the following points when using acid and alkaline cleaners:

To be clear about its use and contraindications, you should read the instruction manual carefully before use, or consult the supplier polished pebble for instructions.

Before use, you should do a small sample experiment in an inconspicuous place, and use it to dilute the cleaning solvent according to the true tumbled stones dilution ratio under the premise of confirming that it will not cause damage to the cleaning material. Wear work gloves when working, and wear eye granite polish masks if necessary.

Avoid skin or eye contact with detergent. The detergent should not stay on the surface of the cleaning material for floor polishing machine too long. After use, clean it with water.

Can not be used on the surface of objects that are sensitive to acid and alkali. For example, certain cleaning agents have a destructive stone cutting machine effect on the surface of marble, glass, marble floor polish metal, etc.