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Marble makes modern spaces more stylish

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Jazz white marble interprets a unique style of home decoration. Jazz white’s unique natural texture bridge cutter further enhances the sense of depth of the space; minimalism, modernity, taste the future, and the modern concept of nature-oriented, this flaming machine natural and flaming machine simple style is also more polishing machine and more popular The more designers and owners are favored.


Decoration use: indoor floors, indoor walls, background walls, stairs, bay windows, countertops, columns, etc.;

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Natural Marble-Italian Platinum Sands


The Italian white sands marble is soft in tone, romantic and versatile, and appeals to natural beauty. Its granite surface is bright and diverse, mainly in lake blue and light brown.


The texture is straight, twill, and chaotic. The natural texture makes various colors separate and produces a gradual effect, from beige to brown; the color is bright and soft, and the romantic block cutter and idyllic Mediterranean style is fully revealed. There is a sense of post-modern fashion jumping.